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Oasis Community Centre Projects

We have had a lot of sponsors over the time we have been running. Many of these sponsors are grant companies who Steve applied too for money for Project driven work but there are also a few sponsors who have kindly donated money and wished to remain anonymous. The good work we do would not be made possible without the generous grants and donations from these sources, the hard work of Steve (Manager) in writing for the grants and the teams of both paid and unpaid persons who deliver each project. 

Steve and The Oasis Community Church and Centre Charity would like to use this as another opportunity to thank each and every one of our Grant providers and Donation Givers.

If you wish to help the Oasis Financially and give a gift to help and support the amazing work that is being done please click on the Donate button at the bottom bar of this website. Thank You!

Our Sponsors

Here are Just a few of the many Sponsors we have had in the 6 Years.

A few words about our Sponsors

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Who our charity helps

- Children & Young People -
- Adults of all Ages -
- Elderly & Older People -
- People with Disabilities -
- Families who require Respite -
- All Ethnic and Racial Origins -
- The Wider General Public -
- All of our Fellow Mankind -


What does our charity do?

- Charitable Activities -
- Education & Training -
- Religious Activities -
- Disability Assistance -
- Overseas & Relief Aid -
- Arts/Culture/Heritage/Science -
- Environment/Conservation/Heritage -
- Recreation & Clubs -


How our charity works

- Provides Community Services -
- Use of Buildings -
- Excellent Facilities -
- Open Outdoor Spaces -
- Charitable Services -
- Gardening & Produce -
- Offer Respite Care Days -
- Special Family Events -

Why not check out our other Facilities!

Oasis Gardens Logo.png
E for Edge.png
OE for Outer Edge.png

Oasis Gardens

Oasis Community Gardens is a Beautiful 2 acre plot of land situated in the heart of the Kilton Community.

The Edge

The Edge is a place where men can come and be a part of something, feel accepted and learn some new skills.

The Outer Edge

The Outer Edge is an additional space to the Edge building and will help to serve the Men on the Edge Projects.

Church 1.1.png
Church 2.1.png

Oasis Worksop Church

A friendly place welcoming all to worship in the heart of Worksop.

Oasis Retford Church

A friendly place welcoming all to worship in the heart of Retford.

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