Oasis Community Centre Opening Times

When are we open?

The Oasis Community Centre and Gardens are Open 365 days a year.

We even open on Christmas Day and put on a Carol service and refreshments so no one has to feel alone or left out on Christmas.

Due to the nature of a Community Centre our Opening Times do vary from week to week and are not exact.

The Gardens are used daily by the public unless there is a project event which is sensitive such as our 'Treasured Kids' Project for Children with disabilities or a private group who has hired the entire facility for the day.

Note about Covid19

Due to the current pandemic many of the normal projects we would run we have been unable to and have had to put them on hold.

That being said we haven't been doing nothing! We have been very busy improving the grounds and helping the community.

Why not check out some of the wonderful Covid19 relief work we have been doing!


We see an average footfall of around 300-400 different people attending the Oasis Community Centre site on any given week and over 500 people annually. We have had previous experiences where on a a singular event we have run, there has been between 700-1000 people in attendance.

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Who our charity helps

- Children & Young People -
- Adults of all Ages -
- Elderly & Older People -
- People with Disabilities -
- Families who require Respite -
- All Ethnic and Racial Origins -
- The Wider General Public -
- All of our Fellow Mankind -


What does our charity do?

- Charitable Activities -
- Education & Training -
- Religious Activities -
- Disability Assistance -
- Overseas & Relief Aid -
- Arts/Culture/Heritage/Science -
- Environment/Conservation/Heritage -
- Recreation & Clubs -


How our charity works

- Provides Community Services -
- Use of Buildings -
- Excellent Facilities -
- Open Outdoor Spaces -
- Charitable Services -
- Gardening & Produce -
- Offer Respite Care Days -
- Special Family Events -