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About The Oasis Community Centre

About the Oasis Community Centre


Hey there,

My name is Steve and I would like to warmly welcome you to the Oasis Community Centre. A place where people can come and feel welcomed, valued and supported.


I am the Oasis Manager and oversee anything and everything Oasis. We are a registered charity under the title of 'OASIS Community Church and Centre' that is working deep in the heart of the Kilton estate in Worksop, Nottinghamshire.

We took on a derelict youth centre and an abandoned recreation field and over the last 9 years have managed to raise the money needed to renovate and repurpose the site.

In 2011 we proudly opened the OASIS Community Centre and Gardens which is now a thriving, multi-purpose and multi-functioning community facility.

We now have a fully equipped Community Centre set into a backdrop of 2 acres of beautifully maintained Gardens that not only runs its own projects but also can be booked for parties, projects and other events. Click Here to see what facilities we have on site.

We aim to cater for people in every age group from birth through to old age and have successfully set up various projects with this is mind. Why not check out our Projects page for more information.

Much of our work and projects we do are Volunteer based and Grant driven. Which provides plenty of opportunity for people of all ages to volunteer and get involved with anything from Gardening, Catering and Hospitality, to Children's work, Youth work and work with the Elderly.

Our aim has been and still is to be a heart beating in the middle of a community that has had very little, To be an Oasis of life that helps to revive and rejuvenate a once lost area and to provide a Home where people can come and feel like they are a part of something larger than themselves.


Over the last 9 years it has been a privilege to engage with the community through our large and small scale events. Our work has played an important part in bringing a community back to life and we are excited to see what the future holds for the Oasis.


Oasis Manager and Pastor

Two People.png

Who our charity helps

- Children & Young People -
- Adults of all Ages -
- Elderly & Older People -
- People with Disabilities -
- Families who require Respite -
- All Ethnic and Racial Origins -
- The Wider General Public -
- All of our Fellow Mankind -


What does our charity do?

- Charitable Activities -
- Education & Training -
- Religious Activities -
- Disability Assistance -
- Overseas & Relief Aid -
- Arts/Culture/Heritage/Science -
- Environment/Conservation/Heritage -
- Recreation & Clubs -


How our charity works

- Provides Community Services -
- Use of Buildings -
- Excellent Facilities -
- Open Outdoor Spaces -
- Charitable Services -
- Gardening & Produce -
- Offer Respite Care Days -
- Special Family Events -

Why not check out our other Facilities!

Oasis Gardens Logo.png
E for Edge.png
OE for Outer Edge.png

Oasis Gardens

Oasis Community Gardens is a Beautiful 2 acre plot of land situated in the heart of the Kilton Community.

The Edge

The Edge is a place where men can come and be a part of something, feel accepted and learn some new skills.

The Outer Edge

The Outer Edge is an additional space to the Edge building and will help to serve the Men on the Edge Projects.

Church 1.1.png
Church 2.1.png

Oasis Worksop Church

A friendly place welcoming all to worship in the heart of Worksop.

Oasis Retford Church

A friendly place welcoming all to worship in the heart of Retford.

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